Free Shipping

Flooring King is proud to offer you FREE SHIPPING! Please thoroughly read the following shipping process and instructions below:

  1. After you place your order the paperwork goes to our warehouse and your order gets packaged and wrapped for shipping.
  2. The individual flooring boxes are placed on a strong, sturdy, large pallet with shrink wrap. This is how it should appear when it arrives.
  3. When it arrives to your home the truck driver will take it off the back of the truck with a lift gate and It will be lowered to the ground at your curbside or the end of your driveway.
  4. After the pallet is dropped the driver will give you a delivery receipt. It will usually be a two or three part paper. Take the paper and please verify that the name on the cartons is the name of the product that you ordered, along with the proper color. Please verify that the count on the delivery receipt is consistent with the count on the email confirmation we sent you to verify they match. In addition to the boxes you ordered there may be a number of pad rolls stacked on top of the pallet or other items you ordered aside from the flooring boxes. Please check the count of these as well.
  5. Visually inspect the pallet. Go all the way around and verify if any of the shrink-wrap is broken, ripped, or torn. Also, look for any visual damage to the cartons by walking around and checking the outside of the cartons.
  6. If there is any damage, you want to write that very clearly on the driver’s receipt. Example: 3 cartons damaged, 2 cartons torn, 1 box ripped, etc. Be as specific as possible regarding the number of damaged cartons, missing items, etc so we can file a claim with the shipping company and then send replacement products out as quickly as possible. In addition to writing any damage on the delivery receipt, please take a couple of pictures if possible.
  7. Signing the delivery receipt is the last thing you will do. Make very sure you’ve checked around the pallet and marked the damages or missing items on the delivery receipt and then sign the receipt. The will give you a copy. Do not let the driver leave without giving you a copy of that delivery receipt.
  8. Please ensure you have allocated the appropriate resources and/or personnel to transfer the shipment on to your property.