Shipping Policy

Thank you for choosing us for flooring needs! We strive to provide a seamless and efficient shipping process to ensure your order arrives in excellent condition. Please take a moment to review our shipping procedures and instructions below.

Shipping Costs

Free Shipping:** Enjoy free shipping on orders above $500.

Flat Rate:** For orders below $500, a flat shipping fee of $89 will be applied.

Shipping Process


  1. **Order Processing:** Once your order is placed, the paperwork is forwarded to our warehouse for processing.


  1. **Packaging:** Your flooring is carefully packaged, and individual boxes are secured on a sturdy pallet with shrink wrap for added protection.


  1. **Delivery to Your Doorstep:** When your order is ready for shipment, it will be delivered to your curbside or the end of your driveway by a truck equipped with a lift gate.


  1. **Delivery Receipt:** Upon delivery, the driver will provide you with a delivery receipt. Please follow these steps:


   – **Verify Products:** Check that the name and color of the flooring match your order.

   – **Count Verification:** Ensure the count on the delivery receipt matches the count on the email confirmation.

   – **Inspect Additional Items:** If there are pad rolls or other items, verify their count as well.


  1. **Visual Inspection:** Examine the pallet for any signs of damage. Inspect the shrink wrap, cartons, and other packaging materials for tears, rips, or visible damage.


  1. **Documenting Damage:** If any damage is observed, clearly note it on the delivery receipt. Be specific about the number of damaged or missing items. Take pictures if possible to aid in the claims process.


  1. **Signing the Delivery Receipt:** After thorough inspection and documentation, sign the delivery receipt. Ensure the driver provides you with a copy before leaving.


  1. **Resource Allocation:** Make sure you have the necessary resources or personnel to transfer the shipment onto your property safely.


By following these steps, you help us expedite any necessary claims with the shipping company and ensure that replacement products are sent promptly if needed. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your cooperation in this process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipment, please contact our customer service team at or

call (954) 253-7095

Thank you for choosing Flooringking!